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Limerick & Bunratty

Tour Duration: Full Day

Depart from port of Cobh; Travel to Limerick


The city, on the banks of the rivers Shannon and Abbey, dates from a 9th century Viking settlement, but was developed by the Normans in the 12th century who were responsible for some of the city’s most notable architecture such as King John's Castle and St Mary's Cathedral, one of the oldest in Ireland at 800 years.
The city was a fortress of the region - the first wall was built around the medieval city that became known as English Town or King’s Island. The native Irish were moved across the Abbey river to Irishtown where the wall was extended in the 14th century.
It became a battleground in the 1650s when the invasion of Cromwell and his New Model Army led to the first siege of the city.
The walls protected it for 12 months and helped the fight against two more sieges – the first in 1690 when supporters of William of Orange who headed to Limerick, which was under the command of Patrick Sarsfield, after defeating King James II in the Battle of the Boyne.
After Lunch we move onto Bunratty Castle in County Clare

Bunratty Castle

In south Clare, the massive bulk of Bunratty Castle is an official part of twee Ireland with twice-weekly re-enacted medieval banquets. It has a fascinating history however, and the banquets and coach-loads of tourists that deter so many locals from visiting belie the ancient stories behind the walls. It is one of Ireland’s oldest intact castles in Ireland - built in 1250 - and boasts the best collection of 14th to 17th century furniture and furnishings in Britain and Ireland. Twin arches, front and back, were meant to confuse would-be invaders looking for the entrance, thus giving the castle guard more time to prepare for battle.




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