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Charlesfort Tour & Kinsale

CharlesfortTour Duration: Half Day: AM & PM Tours Available

Depart from port of Cobh either AM or PM. First stop Charlesfort


We always start our trip at Charles Fort. Walking round the fort and visiting the Exhibition Centre give visitors a good chance to familiarise themselves with the history of the town and a chance to view it from this vantage point at the mouth of the harbour. Charles fort is a Star Shaped Fort built around 1677, with 5 bastions. Two of the Bastions guard the entrance to the harbour and three of them defend the landward approaches. The fort is huge with troops quarters, parade grounds, hospital, stores, stables and everything else necessary for large batallions of soldiers. Walking around it, scrambling up and down, sitting on the battlements and gazing out to sea are all easy and enjoyable ways to get a feel for the place. For serious history buffs, there are guided tours by onsite experts, information booklets and the audiovisual presentations at the central exhibition Hall.

KinsaleDepart Charlesfort for the short drive to Kinsale


Kinsale was the site of a battle in 1601 that was a turning point in Irish history. For over 300 years it was a garrison town and port of consequence, leaving a legacy of Georgian and Victorian architecture. A jewel on the south coast - known as the 'Gourmet Capital'. This delightful historic town is always worth a visit.




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